The Perfect Ham Sandwich

Just like our loyal customers, we love good food here at Appleton’s Butchers. So, we’ve been on a quest to discover the ultimate ham sandwich recipe, the perfect one, the one that looks down at other sandwiches and laughs. Through research, many claim to have conjured up the perfection we’re looking for, but we’d love to hear from you guys too. What type of bread do you use? Which extra fillings do you partner your ham with? What is the key condiment that brings out the flavours best and gets your taste buds dancing?

Over on Food Network they say to spread mayonnaise on a thick slice of crusty white or rye bread, then top it with lettuce, tomato, thick slices of ham, sliced pickle and cheddar cheese. To finish it off they suggest some whole-grain mustard on the other slice of bread before you close the sandwich. How does that sound? Maybe you prefer it tomato-less, or with thin slices of apple? Perhaps a dollop of brown sauce or a couple of splashes of Henderson’s Yorkshire Relish is your ideal addition?

However you make yours, just remember to choose quality roast ham from Appleton’s Butchers, in Ripon and Wetherby. You can always grab a scotch egg or one of our famous pork pies to pop on the side of your sandwich, now that’s perfect! Head over to our Facebook page to let us know you make your perfect ham sandwich or send us a photograph of your masterpiece over on Twitter! Enjoy your sandwiches!