Makin’ Bacon

10 October 2016

We love bacon. Our customers love it even more! There’s nothing quite like a bacon sandwich in the morning. Our friends over at LovePork have a great array of bacon facts, so we though we’d share a few with you. 46% of us grill bacon, 29% tend to fry, whilst 2% stir fry rashers The…

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Bacon For Breakfast

25 April 2016

Bacon is a staple of the traditional English Breakfast & there’s nothing quite like a bacon sandwich with your choice or either tomato ketchup or brown sauce, but how else can you eat bacon at breakfast time? Here’s a few ideas of what else you could do with bacon in the morning. Add bacon to…

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Bank Holiday Bacon Sandwiches!

27 April 2015

The end of April is upon us and the month of May is fast approaching. That can only mean one thing, well two of them really, Bank Holidays! We’re lucky enough that during May we receive two Bank Holidays, which means two long weekends! What better way to kick-start your Bank Holiday than with a…

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