Spectacular Steak Pies

Whilst we’re a Pork Butchers, the team here at Appleton’s is a creative bunch and we’ve already offered vegetarian options with our quiches and carry a whole host of other items including sauces and chutney. We’re happy to let you know, especially all your pie lovers know, that we now stock a delicious Steak Pie! (check out the photo of Asia popping some pies in the oven!)

We’ve been making them for about a month and they’ve been going down a storm. They’re made most days, are family size and the meat simply melts in your mouth. They can be bought already baked, or in raw pastry to cook at home. For only £5, you’ll go a long way to find a better Steak Pie than ours, perfect for an evening meal together as you chat about your days!

Don’t forget, we have a great range of other food, to brighten up your lunchtime if you work nearby, to bacon & sausages which are amazing on weekend breakfast sandwiches. Try some scotch eggs at your party buffet or some of our famous pork pies on a summer camping trip. We’ve been selling quality meat since 1867 and even if we say it ourselves, it keeps getting better and better. See you soon!