Pork Chop Perfection

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We love pork chops. They make a fantastic meal. Juicy, tasty, delicious! We’ve been searching around, for you, for some top recipes to bring out the best from your pork chops, especially with summer BBQS on the horizon!

From celebrity chef and all round national favourite Jamie Oliver, we have roasted pork chops with sage and champ. The pork/sage combination is spot on and he even tells you how to create a little bit of crackling! Mr Oliver says it’s a super-easy recipe and takes around 50 minutes. Click here for the recipe.

BBC Good Food’s mustard and rosemary pork chops only take 15 minutes of prep & cooking time. The recipe states to marinade the chops for 3 hours, but we think the 5-minutes-to-make marinade could be done first thing in the morning and left to work its magic whilst you’re at work all day. It then only takes 10 minutes of cooking on a griddle pan, in which time you could also make a simple salad to serve with the chops. Don’t forget to rest your meat too. If this is getting your mouth watering, click here for the details.

The pork chops with mushrooms and leeks recipe we found in The Telegraph’s food and drink section sounds tasty. It should take around half an hour to make and boasts the fact it only has a small list of required ingredients. Best served with fluffy mash and steamed green beans. Yum! Sound good? Here’s the info.

If you love your slow cooker, you’ll adore this! Straight from the Food Network website is slow cooker pepper pork chops. Six hours of slow cooking ensure the pork is tender and simply falling away from the bone. If you fancy a glass of wine, it apparently pairs well with a pinot noir. Take a look at the recipe.

Finally, we head back to Jamie Oliver for his Moorish pork chops which are perfect for the summer BBQ. The pestle and mortar comes out to create a delicious paste which is then pocketed into the chops. Sear them on the hot side of the BBQ for a couple of minutes before moving over to the gentler side to slowly cook. They look incredible! Take a look at the details here.

Hopefully that’s got your stomach rumbling and your cooking fully inspired. Don’t forget to visit Appleton’s Butcher in Ripon and Wetherby for your quality local pork. If you think you have a pork chop recipe which is better than all the above, please share it with us on Facebook. Chop, chop!