Celebrating Our First Year Inside The City Walls

“First make friends with your butcher.” It may have been said by Isabella Beeton and if so, almost a century and a half ago, but it could hardly be more apt today as celebrated Appleton’s Butchers celebrates its first anniversary in York.

Appleton’s are the first butchers shop to open inside the York walls since Scott’s closed in 2008, the original Appleton’s was established in Ripon in 1867, 150 years ago. Hand lettered in traditional style, with a specially commissioned stained glass pig above the door by local artist Ann Sotheran, the small but perfectly formed shop opened on Lendal in October 2016. The York street has experienced an independent renaissance, with the opening of Appleton’s and neighbouring coffee shop, Spring Espresso in the same year.

Whilst their appearance over the year has transformed from red to black, in keeping with the chic fronts of all other Appleton’s butchers, their quality and passion for traditional pies and pork products has remained the same. Appleton’s specialises in pork products like cured whole hams, sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, faggots and cooked meats such as roast ham. The central York shop offers charcuterie, pork pies and pâtés, and for the brave, ox tongue, still pickled, boiled and hand pressed using methods handed down from the original Appleton’s family.

Shop Manager, Steve Anderson said, “It’s a terrific achievement to return a traditional high street pork butcher to York. We take pride in being a family owned butchery with old fashioned values, where we greet regular customers by name. We’d like to thank all the customers that have supported us in our first year in York, and we’re looking forward to welcoming many more in the years to come.

“The knowledge, garnered by conversation with your butcher is invaluable, from cooking times to confidence in full farm traceability. Butchers are simply a cook’s best friend, and Appleton’s is definitely a butcher to make friends with.”