Makin’ Bacon

We love bacon. Our customers love it even more! There’s nothing quite like a bacon sandwich in the morning.

Our friends over at LovePork have a great array of bacon facts, so we though we’d share a few with you.

  • 46% of us grill bacon, 29% tend to fry, whilst 2% stir fry rashers
  • The bacon sandwich is the UK’s fastest growing out of home snack item
  • Seven out of ten bacon shoppers have made the decision to buy even before they enter the store
  • British Bacon is part of our national heritage; there are records of the Romans salting sides of bacon as early as 200BC and Julius Caesar brought his own bacon with him when he landed in ancient Britain in 55BC
  • Bacon’s role at the centre of family meal occasions, such as relaxed weekends, on carefree holidays, or often when fathers are cooking, triggers positive emotions throughout life and positions bacon as an adult food that children can eat and enjoy

We love the history of British bacon and also the mention of family, conjuring up happy memories.

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