Ey-up its Black Pudding Friday!

We are getting into the Christmas spirit in true Yorkshire fashion—by celebrating “Black Pudding Friday,” with the introduction of the Yorkshire Black Pudding Egg.

On Black Pudding Friday, our shops will be selling pork and black pudding pies for just £1 and traditional black pudding will be 50% off.

Owner and Anthony Sterne said, “We’re a proudly Yorkshire business and there’s no escaping the “Black Friday” influx of offers so we decided to introduce “Black Pudding Friday” celebrating Northern delights of Black Pudding. The Yorkshire Black Pudding egg is made from locally sourced free range hard boiled eggs from Ian Taylor and our own pork and black pudding mixture rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried for the ultimate crisp and crunchy shell.”

We hope to see you in one of our butcher’s shop this Black Friday!