Brilliant BBQs

With the Bank Holiday Weekend over and June on the horizon, is it ok to start talking about summer?

Even if you had your first family BBQ of the year at the weekend, there is plenty of summer ahead of us, to get out in the garden, light the coals and cook delicious meat! Pop along to Appleton’s Butchers for top quality local pork, from sausages to pork steaks, we have everything you need for a brilliant BBQ! There’s nothing like a proper hot dog, a pork and apple burger or an individual pork chop tin foil parcel. Some pork ribs are also an amazing addition to your offerings, your friends and family will love them!

Don’t just assume that folk will want the barbequed meat by itself. Getting a few pork pies, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and a couple of bottles of condiments from us will certainly add to your feast and be devoured in style! Make sure you ‘Like’ Appleton’s Butchers over on Facebook too; we’ve got some amazing competitions coming up for you to ensure your BBQ season is well stocked!

Get the beers and soft drinks in, order your meat from us and start doing a dance for the perfect weather! Let in the sun!