Be Kind

Nothing, not a conversation, not a handshake or even a hug, establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together. – Jonathan Safran Foer

Don’t think of Friday 13th as a day of superstition, negativity and bad luck, Friday 13th November 2015 is World Kindness Day! Why don’t you invite a friend or maybe a bunch of friends over and treat them to a delicious meal, as you discuss the latest gossip? Indulge in great conversation and even better food, with quality ingredients from Appleton’s Butchers!

There are so many delicious Autumn recipes around for you to wow your dinner party guests with. A slow cooked pork casserole takes the hassle and fuss out of things for you as the host but pulled pork topped hot dogs are ideal if it’s a more casual evening. If your kind gesture is treating a mate to a few beers, make sure you have some of our bacon in the fridge for hangover cure butties!

Maybe, just maybe, treat a colleague by bringing them something back from your lunch hour? Perhaps a pork pie or sausage roll, they’ll love it! Or send a friend an Appleton’s Butchers hamper to perk their weekend up? Think inside, and outside the box with this one!

Let us know what kind gestures you get up to over on our Facebook page. Be kind folks!