Bank Holiday Bacon Sandwiches!

The end of April is upon us and the month of May is fast approaching. That can only mean one thing, well two of them really, Bank Holidays! We’re lucky enough that during May we receive two Bank Holidays, which means two long weekends! What better way to kick-start your Bank Holiday than with a bacon sandwich?

Our bacon is proper bacon. Lots of people complain about the standard of supermarket bacon and if you’re one of those individuals, come see us for real bacon. Cooked beautifully, positioned lovingly between two slices of buttered bread and then drizzled with your sauce of choice, what could be better? Are you a tomato ketchup fan or a brown sauce lover? Maybe you prefer something else on your bacon sandwich, let us know on our Facebook page!

If you’re heading off on the first camping trip of the season, make sure to pack some in your cool box. The smell of bacon cooking is the perfect wakeup call and goes perfectly with a mug of tea! You might want a few of our pork pies for the long nights! If you’ve got friends or family staying over for the long weekend make sure to get some extra treats in too. You could offer sausage sandwiches instead, or perhaps rustle up a sausage casserole for a family feast one evening! Maybe an easy buffet would be more up your street with a combination of our scotch eggs, sausage rolls and other tasty products. Whatever you’re doing and however you’re spending your first Bank Holiday of May, have a great time!