Back To School

Summer is over and the kids are heading back to school. Six weeks off isn’t enough for them, right? We still remember the pain of heading back to the classroom after the school holidays and your arm not being able to write! This is why we have some great ideas for their packed lunches which will motivate them to get to lunchtime and then fuel them until the school bell!

Of course, we’re talking about easy to pack products like our delicious sausage rolls and pork pies. Not only do they fit into a Tupperware box easily, they taste amazing and aren’t messy, meaning less potential spillages on school uniforms, so less emergency washing and drying for you! We also have scotch eggs, quiche, Yorkshire pasties and much more!

Not only that, let’s talk about leftovers. There are so many amazing things you can do with leftovers from the Sunday roast or other family meals. Why not pack them some pulled pork wraps, or mix some leftover sausages with cooked pasta and some fresh salad. If they’re insistent on sandwiches, make sure that the B in BLT is Appleton’s Butchers bacon, and your ham is from our butchers, only the best for your children!

Make sure to give them a good tea – the slow cooker is great if you’re working – using top quality meat from us, so they’ve had a filling meal before they start on with their homework! Why not try one of our family sized steak pies! Have a great first term back folks!